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Matching Household Level TV Viewing Data Increases Political Ad Intelligence
Friday, June 27, 2014

Dulles, VA, Alexandria, VA, June 27;  Smart Media Group (SMG), a leading political media planning, buying and communications agency and FourthWall Media®, the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing data announced today a licensing agreement that will provide second-by-second television viewing data to SMG. This viewing data will allow SMG to match specific voter segments with households from FourthWall Media’s household level television viewing data.   This data will better identify the viewing habits of each desired political segment, leading to more efficient advertising spending and better targeted creative.

“What our relationship with FourthWall Media allows is access to a large stream of near real time set top box data,” said Kyle Roberts, CEO, Smart Media Group.  “This data stream can be matched with individual voter information allowing  Smart Media to know what specific programs voters prefer to view and when.  It’s truly a revolutionary step for Smart Media and the political media buying industry, one that will bring a high degree of certainty to the media planning and programming decisions we make on behalf of our clients.  For the first time we are making a direct connection between voter segments and actual live viewing data. The possibilities are endless and we are very excited about this partnership.”

“FourthWall Media through its MassiveData division, maintains the largest independent panel of household level second by second viewership data with 4.7 million individuals in over 1.8 million homes,” said Patrick Peters, FourthWall Media GM of Programming.  “With this amazing resource we are able to work with marketers who want to know precisely which television programs to advertise on to reach their most desirable advertising targets.  This is particularly true in political campaign advertising.  Kyle and his group will bring even more intelligence to the planning and buying process, optimizing every dollar for the best result.  We look forward to working with Smart Media Group.”

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media® ( is a leading provider of platform technology for Cisco, Motorola, Pace and tru2way set-top boxes.  Its products are in use by a broad range of U.S. cable operators.  FourthWall’s MassiveData® division delivers data, metrics and analytics that allow ad agencies, marketers, programmers and schedulers the ability to better predict consumer behavior, validate the predictions over time, and employ marketing dollars more effectively.  MassiveData provides television data and audience analytics to a growing list of advertisers and media research companies.  FourthWall Media’s corporate headquarters are in Dulles, VA.



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