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FourthWall Media's MassiveData Division Announces Precision Diagnostics For Cable MVPDs

Diagnostics Tool Helps Cable Operators Detect Issues Before They Happen
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DULLES, VA Sept. 17 - FourthWall Media®, the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing data announced today Precision Diagnostics™, a tool for cable operators to monitor their physical plant to detect problems in advance of any customer disruptions. MassiveData®, a division of FourthWall Media, is expanding the return path data collected from millions of set-top boxes to include deep diagnostics that report on the health of devices and the cable network overall.

"The market for cable system diagnostic data and reporting for set-top boxes is underserved as many operators have either limited access to diagnostic data or the tools to analyze it," said Charlie Barnes SVP, Product Strategy and Management, FourthWall Media. "The cost of an on-site truck roll for a cable customer is considerable, as is every customer support call. Imagine if some of these expenses could be headed off by an operator reporting tool that would flag problems prior to a customer disruption, allowing for remedial action in advance."

"Our MassiveData division has built up an unrivaled expertise in collecting viewing data from a wide range of set-top boxes, including Cisco, Pace and Arris," said Tim Peters, FourthWall Media CEO.  "Therefore it was a natural extension to enter the world of monitoring and reporting on the health of these same set-top boxes and the surrounding cable plant. We believe this new tool will provide operators a cost-savings opportunity as well as a means of improving customer relations through better, more reliable, uninterrupted service."

The Precision Diagnostics product provides key set-top box and plant information in a variety of areas including model information, frequency and signal levels, plant and network information, DVR health, VOD service information, crash and reset status and many others. Precision Diagnostics is scheduled to enter service January, 2015.

About FourthWall Media®
FourthWall Media a leading provider of platform technology for Cisco, Motorola, Pace, and tru2way set-top boxes and its products are in use by a broad range of U.S. cable operators. FourthWall's MassiveData® division delivers data, metrics, and analytics that allow ad agencies, marketers, programmers and schedulers the ability to better predict consumer behavior, validate the predictions over time, and employ marketing dollars more effectively. MassiveData provides television data and audience analytics to a growing list of advertisers and media research companies. FourthWall Media's corporate headquarters are in Dulles, VA.


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