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Reveal 3.0 Monitors All Television Viewing With Second-by-Second Measurement and Next-Day Reporting
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dulles, VA, April 23 – FourthWall Media® a leading provider of cable platform technology and the largest independent source of set-top box viewing data, announced today the availability of Reveal 3.0, a major advancement in reporting on television viewership data down to the second.   Reveal 3.0 is being made commercially available through FourthWall’s MassiveData® division which delivers television usage data from millions of set-top boxes in 96 markets across the country.  MassiveData currently licenses this data to over 20 research, measurement and analytics firms to power programmatic buying and advanced analytics across a range of market sectors.

“We are very pleased to be upgrading Reveal for our cable operator partners who use the product to manage their systems, and excited to introduce Reveal to additional clients,” said Bill Feininger, GM, MassiveData and SVP, Media Measurement for FourthWall.  “We believe our second-by-second viewership data collected from millions of digital cable set-top boxes of every make and model provides the foundation for actionable insights that have never been available in such a timely fashion.”

Reveal 3.0 provides television usage for all channels, stations and programs, calculated down to the second.  Subscribers to Reveal can create their own reports based on numerous ranking and comparison criteria such as: ratings, share, total reach by household, or total minutes viewed.  This data will be available on a next day basis, and includes time-shifted viewership.

“Reporting is not limited to just programming performance.  Users can create their own customized report,” said Feininger. “You could compare and evaluate individual program ratings for any network you offer in your particular market.  You can create your own attentiveness ranking through the commercial breaks using the second-by-second ratings data.  You can study audience flow and see how your lead-ins and lead-outs might be affecting overall performance.  Reveal 3.0 is a state-of-the-art tool for those interested in knowing real performance in a timely fashion using actual viewership data from our entire cable footprint, and not a projected sample.”

"In today's modern 'always-on' media world, marketers and agencies have to be accepting of many more and new data points around media delivery and consumption," said Tim Hanlon, Founder/CEO of media consultancy Vertere Group, and former Publicis and Interpublic media agency executive.  "In particular, the permutations of TV programming, and the advertising that goes along with it, are moving faster than the industry's legacy sample-based measurement.  The detailed granularity of television set-top tuning data is perhaps the most logical and robust way to advance our knowledge of actual consumer viewing behavior, and to better inform the programming and advertising decisions that underpin the very business of television."

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media® ( is a leading provider of platform technology for Cisco, Motorola, Pace and tru2way set-top boxes. Its products are in use by a broad range of U.S. cable operators.  FourthWall’s MassiveData® division delivers data, metrics and analytics that allow ad agencies, marketers, programmers and schedulers the ability to better predict consumer behavior, validate the predictions over time, and employ marketing dollars more effectively.  MassiveData provides television data and audience analytics to a growing list of advertisers and media research companies.  FourthWall Media’s corporate headquarters are in Dulles, VA.



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