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FourthWall Media Provides the EBIF Application and Platform
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ROCK HILL, S.C. and DULLES, VA. June 27, 2012:  Comporium, serving digital video subscribers in North and South Carolina and its partner, FourthWall Media™ the media company driving a creative revolution in interactive TV, announced today that more than 340 advertisers have signed up for Yellow Pages on TV during the initial rollout of the application.

Yellow Pages on TV is an interactive TV Widget application easily accessible by Comporium Digital Video customers with their cable TV remotes. Television remains the most used screen in the American home. Therefore, Yellow Pages on TV provides local advertisers with great exposure to consumers, and it also provides viewers with convenient access to goods and services in their area. The advertisers are mostly non-traditional TV advertisers who are now enjoying the benefits of the technology enabled by FourthWall Media.

The advertising consists of targeted placements and interactive banners that allow viewers to access in-depth information about participating advertisers on Comporium channel 599. Additionally, a complete listing of all local businesses is available to be searched by users. This wealth of information can easily be accessed by the viewer who can press the “A” button on the set-top box remote.

“Yellow Pages on TV, which we call ‘Make it Local,’ is a very simple and productive way for local businesses to reach customers,” said Comporium's Glenn McFadden, executive vice president and COO.  “In four months we added over 340 new advertisers.  These merchants had never advertised on television before.  And more are coming on board weekly.  We think Yellow Pages on TV is an excellent way for an operator to monetize the cable industry’s investment in the EBIF platform.”

“What we’re seeing in Comporium is the same as we’ve seen in other markets: a high rate of advertiser and user adoption,” said Patrick Peters, executive vice president of programming at FourthWall Media. “We have a high rate of usage, a high rate of repeat usage, and typically over seventy percent of users click through to a business.  Almost seven percent have used the click to call feature which connects the person instantly to the merchant.  These numbers exceed our expectations and we believe they will continue to grow. If scaled, the Yellow Pages on TV Widget alone would represent about $2 billion in new revenue for the entire industry.”

The Yellow Pages on TV Widget offers advertisers a number of options for the consumer to use. Users can select advertisers from banners or search by business type.  Once the viewer finds a business, they can click to see more information, such as the click to call feature along with other functionality that allows them to see daily specials and sales info, get directions, and find out more about the product or service. Comporium also utilizes the FourthWall Media Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) platform to support this application and other TV Widgets®.

About Comporium
 The Comporium Group of companies make life easier for their residential and commercial customers to access a broad range of communications services, including local telephone, long distance, wireless, cable TV, Internet, security, data services and media services. Please visit Comporium for more information.

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media is an Emmy-nominated media company driving the creative revolution in interactive television through solutions that break through the ”fourth wall” to engage audiences, extend subscriber loyalty, and deliver census-level measurement and reporting. The company’s EBIF solutions include the Ad Widgets® end-to-end advertising system and TV Widgets applications both of which drive viewer engagement and convenience. The AdAim™ Audience Measurement Suite offers census-level measurement of television audience activities and innovative metrics and analytics. FourthWall is a leading provider of EBIF technology platforms for Cisco, Motorola, and tru2way set-top boxes and the cloud-based AirCommand™ gateway that connects external devices to digital cable set-top boxes. FourthWall Media products and technology are distributed through partnerships with Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, Motorola Mobility, DISH Network, and several smaller operators.  FourthWall Media recently moved corporate headquarters to Dulles, VA.  Learn more at <>

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