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Agreement Allows Hyper-Targeting of TV Commercials
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Washington, D.C. and Dulles, VA, November 19, 2013: BlueLabs, the analytics, data, and technology company formed by leadership from the Obama for America analytics team, announced today an agreement with FourthWall Media® (FWM), the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing data.  Under the agreement, BlueLabs will use FourthWall’s second-by-second television viewership to help clients reach the right audiences with micro-targeted television commercials.

BlueLabs founders were senior members of the team behind the data initiative for President Obama’s successful 2012 re-election campaign.  They identified the most ‘persuadable’ voters and used set-top box data to determine the highest-rated shows among that group, so the campaign could buy time on the shows that mattered most for their audience.  In 2013, BlueLabs applied the same methods on behalf of the McAuliffe campaign for Governor in Virginia.

“Our mission at BlueLabs is to help progressive candidates and organizations maximize their impact by using data to drive decisions,” said Derek Turner, Director of Media Analytics.  “With paid media, there is a huge opportunity to use data to be more targeted and efficient.  We can save our clients substantial sums of money by optimizing their media buys, which is especially important for donor-supported organizations.  FourthWall is exciting because it will mean more granular data, a faster turnaround time for our clients, and greater access to our services for small organizations and down-ticket races.”

“FourthWall Media, through its MassiveData division, provides audience analytics via second-by-second television viewership data from millions of set-top boxes,” said Patrick Peters, FourthWall Media GM of Programming. “Television remains the media vehicle of choice for marketers.  But what they have been asking for is the ability to more finely target their advertising dollars.  With our very large data base, we have unsurpassed details and dynamic insights into TV viewership.  As a result, BlueLabs will be able to offer their clients better targeting.  We are pleased to have entered into this agreement with BlueLabs and look forward to working with their highly accomplished team.”


About BlueLabs

Formed by senior leaders from the Obama for America analytics team, BlueLabs aims to make a difference in the world—socially, culturally, and politically—in partnership with nonprofits, NGOs, companies, and political campaigns that are doing great work to solve important problems.  We do this by deploying our best and brightest analysts and data scientists to help these organizations more effectively harness the power of data to drive better results.  Our bespoke solutions help organizations solicit the best donors, contact key voters, allocate resources effectively, and target services to the citizens and beneficiaries who need them most. BlueLabs is located in Washington, D.C. More information can be found at

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media is an Emmy-nominated media company providing solutions that break through the “fourth wall” to engage audiences, extend subscriber loyalty, and deliver census-level measurement and reporting.  The company’s solutions include the Ad Widgets® end-to-end advertising system and TV Widgets® applications both of which drive viewer engagement and convenience.  The AdAim™ Audience Measurement Suite offers census-level measurement of television audience activities and innovative metrics and analytics.

FourthWall is a leading provider of platform technology for Cisco, Motorola, Pace, and tru2way set-top boxes and the cloud-based AirCommand™ gateway that connects external devices to digital cable set top boxes.  FourthWall Media products and technology are distributed through partnerships with Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, Motorola Mobility, DISH Network, and several smaller operators.  FourthWall’s MassiveData® division provides television data and audience analytics to a growing list of advertisers and media research companies.  FourthWall Media’s corporate headquarters are in Dulles, VA.  Learn more at


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