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Companies Join to Replicate Obama Re-Election Ad-Targeting Methods
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New York, NY and Dulles, VA, Sept. 18: Analytics Media Group (AMG) announced today an agreement with FourthWall Media® (FWM), the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing data.  Under the agreement, AMG will gain access to FourthWall’s second-by-second television viewership data.  This data allows AMG to provide marketers and political campaigns the ability to precisely target their messages to the right audiences on TV.

The principals behind AMG were behind the data initiative for President Obama’s successful 2012 campaigns during which they matched voter segments to television viewing tendencies.  This allowed President Obama’s campaign to increase the efficiency of its TV spend and concentrate advertising on voters determined to be “undecided” between Obama and Romney.   The result was more impressions per target in key battleground states and markets even while being outspent in absolute media dollars.

“AMG is pleased to have entered into this agreement with FourthWall Media,” said Chauncey McLean, Analytics Media Group COO.  “We leveraged set-top box and DVR data in 2012 to reach our audience by placing the right ads on the right programs. With FourthWall’s dynamic and granular data we are offering the same capabilities to consumer marketers who have been clamoring for better insights into their target audiences along with better efficiency in their media buys.”

“Television viewership data is the linchpin to better targeting of advertising dollars,” said Patrick Peters, FourthWall Media GM of Programming.  “It’s no longer enough to broadcast to large segments and call them targets.  Marketers and campaigns want to know they are reaching their customers with the right message.  Because we have unique views into TV viewership, AMG can bring ingenious methods of targeting, messaging and accountability to their customers by knowing how viewers react to programming, and even discrete portions of ads.  We are pleased to have entered into this agreement with AMG and look forward to their team putting our data to work in truly unique ways.”


About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media is an Emmy-nominated media company providing solutions that break through the “fourth wall” to engage audiences, extend subscriber loyalty, and deliver census-level measurement and reporting. The company’s solutions include the Ad Widgets® end-to-end advertising system and TV Widgets® applications both of which drive viewer engagement and convenience. The AdAim™ Audience Measurement Suite offers census-level measurement of television audience activities and innovative metrics and analytics. FourthWall is a leading provider of platform technology for Cisco, Motorola, Pace, and tru2way set-top boxes and the cloud-based AirCommand™ gateway that connects external devices to digital cable set top boxes. FourthWall Media products and technology are distributed through partnerships with Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, Motorola Mobility, DISH Network, and several smaller operators.  FourthWall’s MassiveData® division provides television data and audience analytics to a growing list of advertisers and media research companies.  FourthWall Media’s corporate headquarters are in Dulles, VA.  Learn more at

About Analytics Media Group (AMG)

Analytics Media Group (A.M.G.) is an innovative media analytics firm that provides its clients with the most effective strategies for reaching their consumer base.  A.M.G. harnesses big data analytics and developed software to find and target the exact television programs and websites watched and visited by consumers.  A.M.G. was founded in 2012 by former Obama advisers Jeff Link, Larry Grisolano, Erik Smith, Terry Walsh and Pete Giangreco.









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FourthWall Media

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Analytics Media Group