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Visible World Breaks Into FourthWall

Enables Ads To Be Targeted To Any TV Connected To A Set-Top
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

After years of fits, false-starts and unfulfilled promises, addressable TV advertising appears ready for, well, prime-time.  In a deal being announced today, targeted TV advertising developer Visible World is partnering with interactive cable TV technology provider FourthWall Media to offer an addressable TV advertising solution capable of reaching every TV connected to a set-top device.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed by Visible World said it would utilize FourthWall’s EBIF technology to deliver addressable TV ads capable of targeting any set-top box on a “one-to-one” basis. EBIF (Enhanced Binary Interchange Format) is a cable TV industry standard for organizing content and messages in a way that is similar to serving Web pages, and can enable a range of interactive TV applications, including ads addressed to specific set-top devices.

While the technology is not new, it has been slow to deploy in any meaningful or scalable way, but FourthWall claims its EBIF technology now run at least three of the major set-top hardware manufacturers -- Motorola, CIsco and Pace -- and is currently deployed in “millions of homes” through various cable operators. FourthWall currently has distribution agreements with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, Motorola Mobility, Dish Network, and several smaller operators. 

“Through this joint effort, Visible World can turn on addressable advertising for the operators running the extended FourthWall platform,” the companies said in a joint statement announcing the deal.

Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World, described addressable TV advertising as “the single biggest opportunity awaiting the television advertising industry.” Citing a recent Visible World 18-month study of 144 cable operator marketing campaigns, he noted, “We found that ads that targeted their message to the right subscribers got a 70% better conversion rate than their overall campaign results.”